Confidential Employment Agency

Dallas, TX | Interprise Design

A national employment agency wanted to break away from their dated, standardized office template to create a unique and collective work environment. The call center was built with a blend of collaborative gathering areas and spaces for solitary focus. The break room hub feels intimate, despite being exposed to the open office, with rich colors and a wall to ceiling wood system to break up the white and neutral palette. Sound absorbent ceiling beams were installed to help establish a defined space. Light was a key feature in this build. The break-room linear pendant light fixtures suspended between specialty metal ceiling blades and linear lights were lined up with accented LVT strips on the floor creating a unique look. After opening a curved window, the space is now outlined with perimeter glass, allowing for optimal natural light exposure. The remodel was completed in four different phases, all during normal business hours. Through strict supervision from our team and top-notch subcontractor partners, we were able to complete this project with complete client satisfaction.