GDP Advisors

McKinney, TX | Schwabauer Design

Built on the idea the traditional insurance industry was and is broken, GDP sets out to change the old and stale insurance market which focused primarily on organizations claims history rather than their future. The expansion to combine GDP Advisors’ original suite with the adjacent shell space was much like their approach to insurance – strategic and out of the box. While mindfully reusing many of the private offices and main conference room; the expansion focused on the new entry, entertaining-worthy break area, communal break away niches and the executive suite. This shifting allowed the redesigned Podcast room a prominent spot at the new entry. To echo the classic vibe of GDP Advisors’ branding; subtle grey/blue tones were contrasted with stark white elements and warmed by the finished look of the concrete and wood laminate selection. Laminate encasements accent throughout the new expanded suite; providing warm wood touches with budget in mind, create a great visual flow adjoining the new with the existing Suite. Branding metal logo tones of silver and gold gave direction for the signage wall. Made completely of budget friendly laminate; this new entry becomes the first visual bridging the design intent of classic meets modern with an entertaining twist. The use of the geometric shapes accented with paint and metal banding create interest as one journeys through the space.