One Legacy West Commissary

Dallas, TX | Mahurin Design Group

Stir Café is a gourmet restaurant and catering company specializing in breakfast and lunch meals made from scratch daily. To create a space where people can gather and enjoy a great meal, HRNCIR first had to demolish a former office suite and then install a full-service kitchen including walk-storage, deep-fryer, grease trap, ventilated hoods with fire suppression and roof-top exhaust units. Transforming this office space to a fully functioning restaurant did not come without hurdles to overcome. We found the existing roof structure insufficient to support new roof-top HVAC units and had to install additional beams to support the weight. The build also required extensive plumbing installation and increasing water pressure to support various sinks, dishwashers, and food service equipment, including tracing a path and installing new sewer vent stack as the existing was discovered to have been removed at an earlier time. Unique design features include a backlit stone logo wall, ceramic tile serving counter and low walls to separate kitchen, order placing, and seating areas.