Our Leadership

At the heart of our commitment to building exceptional spaces lies our unwavering dedication to championing our team, both within our office and out in the field. Our team composition encompasses a distinctive fusion of ambitious and tenacious youth, coupled with seasoned professionals who have weathered the challenges of numerous projects. This harmonious blend brings forth a wealth of diverse expertise spanning all facets of commercial preconstruction and construction.

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The HRNCR team, from start to finish, were very knowledgeable, and timing to any response was almost immediate. Most importantly to our project—they stayed on-time and on-budget.
Warren Loftis, Data Center Specialist
Hrncir Construction delivered on our project in every respect. They built an office space where we are proud to work and host our clients. Ron was super and his jokes kept us rolling throughout the build.
Cole Naylor, Senior Vice President (formerly Blackhill Partners)
We chose Hrncir after an extensive GC search after realizing their values aligned with ours and we had confidence they would execute a quality project. Our expectations were exceeded. From the consistent cleanliness of the work site to the communication with our project team, and overall quality of the project delivered (on time and in scope). We will continue to partner with Hrncir for our renovation needs for years to come!
Courtney Kolar, Senior Vice President of People Services
It is my honor to recommend HRNCIR Construction. I have found in working with HRNCIR that there is a true “team” spirit, mutual respect and trust and a joint commitment to a quality project. It is refreshing to work with professionals that communicate, prepare schedules, order long lead items in a timely manner, follow the submittal process and requests for information. In addition to being true professionals, your staff are even tempered, courteous and respectful. Every project has some issue or issues that arise and we have found in working with HRNCIR Construction that you all are very proactive and will come to us with possible solutions and it is again, approached as a team. We look for opportunities to recommend HRNCIR Construction to our Clients and we are always happy when HRNCIR Construction is on the project as there is a comfort level going into Construction that it will have a great outcome!
Lana Lawrence, Studio Director & Vice President
Hank and the HRNCIR team have given McCarthy an exceptional client experience when it comes to value engineering, teamwork, and quality work.
Michael Grabowski, Project Manager